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Ayurvedic Wisdom: Harnessing the Healing Potential of Hair Oil Treatment

Benefits of Using Hair Oil

In recent years, the importance of prioritizing our well-being and establishing healthy routines has become evident. With more time spent at home, many of us have had the chance to explore and adjust our daily habits to nourish better and support ourselves. As we transition back to more active routines, safeguarding our self-care practices remains crucial.

Whether you’re already dedicated to self-care or aiming to create such a routine, incorporating hair care into your regimen can be valuable. Applying oil to your scalp and hair every week offers numerous advantages beyond just improving hair condition. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhanced Hair and Scalp Health: Massaging oil into your scalp and hair boosts blood circulation, delivering essential nutrients to hair follicles and soothing dry and itchy scalps. It also strengthens hair from its roots.
  • Stimulation of Marma Points: Marma points are energy centres similar to acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine. Massaging these points, particularly in the head area, promotes relaxation and calmness, reducing stress effects and improving sleep quality.
  • Balancing Vata: Vata dosha, representing sensitivity, is easily disrupted. Taking the time for self-care contributes to balancing and comforting this dosha.
  • Increased Ojas: Ojas are a vital essence that imparts vitality, immunity, and radiance to our bodies. Nourishing foods, self-care routines, restful sleep, and oil application boost ojas.

Furthermore, by fostering deep overall health, elevated ojas and balanced vata contribute to future healthy hair growth and naturally vibrant locks.

Selecting the Right Oil

The choice of oil depends largely on your constitution and hair type. If you need more clarification about your constitution, the Dosha Quiz can provide insights into your hair and general well-being.

Healthy Hair Oil, which blends sesame and coconut oils with key herbs like bhringaraj, Amalaki, and Brahmi/gotu kola, supports healthy growth. These ingredients cool and cleanse the scalp’s pitta while also offering a calming effect on the mind.

When to Apply Hair Oil

An ideal time to apply oil to your hair is during self-massage (abhyanga) in Ayurveda. This way, you’ll have all the necessary components and allocated time for the process. You can leave the oil in for varying durations, including overnight. To prevent oil spills, wrap your head in a thin towel or fabric, and place a towel on your pillow before sleeping.

Application Steps

Here’s how to apply hair oil effectively:

1. Warm the oil bottle in a pot or bowl of hot water for a few minutes.
2. Part your hair along the centre and apply oil lightly to your scalp along the part. Repeat this process in sections around your head, massaging the oil into your scalp.
3. Perform a scalp massage with medium to firm pressure, making circular motions on each side of your head. This helps promote healthy hair growth and relieve tension.
4. Make clockwise circles on your head to stimulate a marma point called Adhipati, associated with peace.
5. Tilt your head forward and massage the back of your head and neck using your thumbs to release tension.
6. Take small sections of hair, twist them clockwise, and gently pull. This increases blood flow to the area.
7. Allow the oil to naturally move down the hair shaft, or add more oil to your hands to create a deeper treatment.
8. For long hair, gather it on top of your head and cover it with a plastic bag or shower cap to enhance oil absorption.
9. To remove the oil, apply shampoo to your oiled hair before wetting it. After working the shampoo through, rinse as usual.

This simple self-care ritual leaves your hair radiant and nurtures your well-being.

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